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DATE:   October 8, 2002
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Hi Folks,

The November general election is just four weeks away, and the California Voter Foundation has once again created a wide array of nonpartisan voter information resources to help Californians get ready for Election Day. Voters will make decisions in eight statewide office races, 100 state legislative races, and 53 congressional races. Voters will also be deciding on seven statewide propositions and numerous local measures and contests.

The ninth edition of CVF's popular California Online Voter Guide, along with a variety of other election resources from CVF, will help voters prepare to vote. Read on for a brief description of what we have to offer this election season, and please take a moment to let us know how you're using these resources -- we always appreciate the feedback.

The Staff of the California Voter Foundation

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California Online Voter Guide

CVF has been making the nonpartisan California Online Voter Guide for every statewide election since 1994, and this time it's better than ever with information about all statewide, state legislative and congressional candidates, and a page for each proposition on the statewide ballot. Special features include links to official campaign Web sites, recently updated contact information for candidates and proposition campaigns, and a collection of links to news stories about the statewide races and measures. As always, the guide is advertisement-free, cookie-free, has a simple easy-to-use design, and takes no positions on candidates or propositions.

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Archive of Campaign Promises

The Archive of Campaign Promises is a feature of the California Voter Foundation Web site that provides the public with convenient access to reliable information about campaign promises made by California candidates who are elected to public office. This year the Archive includes a set of "progress statements" provided by California statewide officers, such as the Governor, Attorney General, and Treasurer, describing in their own words what they've done in the past four years to advance their top three priorities from the 1998 election. We're not judging the candidates on their progress; that's up to you, so take a look at the statements and decide whether you think they've delivered.

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Directory of California Voting Systems

This county-by-county directory of voting systems and equipment used in California's 58 counties is new to the CVF site, and we hope it will help voters better understand the range of voting technology being employed around the state. Voters can use the directory to find out which machines they will be using to cast their votes next month (including the type, make and model of machines used to cast and count ballots), which counties allow early voting and on which types of voting equipment, and whether counties are looking to purchase new voting equipment in the near future.

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Other Web site features . . .

- Voting Questions & Answers:
- Roster of California County Election Offices:
- California's Political Parties:
- Voting Technology Resources:
- CVF's "How to Make an Online Voter Guide" publication:

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Still to come . . .

- New Maps of California's Political Districts
- Top Ten Donors to California Ballot Propositions
- Directory of Countywide Ballot Measures

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