FROM:   Saskia Mills, CVF Executive Director
DATE:   October 25, 2001
RE:   2002 Election update

Hi Folks,

The California Voter Foundation is tracking candidates and measures headed for the March and November 2002 ballots, and we want to remind you that a lot of great information is available in our 2002 Election Preview Guide at Already six measures have qualified for the March ballot.

One resource you'll find in the guide is our list of likely candidates for statewide office, which includes 28 people, many of whom have already established campaign web sites and filed campaign finance reports with the Secretary of State. Our Likely Candidates page includes direct links to both the web sites and the reports. Additionally, we are tracking news coverage of the gubernatorial race and other statewide races, and have been adding links to related news stories on a daily basis.

CVF is also following ballot measures as they move through the qualification process. Our Initiative Watch project currently has information about ten measures pending before the Attorney General, six measures in circulation, and six measures that have already qualified for the March ballot, most of those having come out of the legislature.

The six measures that have qualified are listed below, along with their summaries. CVF's Initiative Watch web pages include contact information for the proponents, links to the text of each measure and links to news stories about the measures.

We've also updated our election links to provide easy access to the new political district maps for California's legislative and congressional seats. We hope you enjoy using these resources and, as always, feel free to email us if you have any additions or suggestions.

-- Saskia Mills, Executive Director
California Voter Foundation, (530) 750-7650


Six ballot measures have qualified for the March 2002 ballot: (please note -- these titles and summaries may change before election day.)

California Clean Water, Clean Air, Safe Neighborhood Parks, and Coastal Protection Act of 2002.

Summary: An act to add Chapter 1.696 (commencing with Section 5096.600) to Division 5 of the Public Resources Code, relating to financing a program for the acquisition, development, restoration, protection, rehabilitation, stabilization, reconstruction, preservation, and interpretation of park, coastal, agricultural land, air, and historical resources in the state, by providing the funds necessary therefor through an election for, and the issuance and sale of, bonds of the State of California, and by providing for the handling and disposition of those funds, and declaring the urgency thereof, to take effect immediately.

Insurance Fraud.

Summary: An act to amend sections of the Business and Professions Code, Insurance Code, and Vehicle Code relating to insurance fraud.

Legislative Term Limits. Local Voter Petitions

Summary: Allows registered voters in an Assembly or Senate district to submit petition signatures to permit their incumbent state legislator to run for re-election and serve for an additional four years maximum, if a majority of voters approves. This option would only be permitted once per legislator, petitions would be filed before the end of legislator's final term, and petition signatures would be subject to specified requirements. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: This measure would result in unknown, probably minor, costs to local governments for signature verification and minor costs to the state government.

Right to have vote counted.

Summary: An act to add section 2.5 to Article II, relating to suffrage.

Transportation funding.

Summary: An act to add Article XIX B, relating to transportation.

Voting Modernization Bond Act of 2002

Summary: An act to add Article 3 (commencing with Section 19230) to Chapter 3 of Division 19 of the Elections Code, relating to the financing of a program to modernize voting equipment by providing funds necessary therefor through the issuance and sale of bonds of the State of California and by providing for the handling and disposition of those funds, and declaring the urgency thereof, to take effect immediately.

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