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Top 25 E-Voting Places to Watch

October 27, 2004

Hi Folks,

Electronic voting systems will be used in an estimated 25-29 percent of the nation on November 2. Overall 29 states will use some electronic voting systems, and there are hundreds of jurisdictions across the nation using e-voting.

To make it easier for the public and the media to track electronic voting in this presidential election, below is a list I've compiled of the 25 most populous places in the country using e-voting.

This list is also available online at:

This list was compiled using data from state election web sites, the Census Bureau, Election Data Services' map, and the National Association of Counties' web site (

The list identifies the city and/or Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), followed by the name of the vendor, the type of e-voting machine, and the county in which the city is located. An asterisk appears beside those cities located in states identified as presidential election battleground states. Cities and MSAs are generally shown in descending order, starting with the most populous.

-- Kim Alexander, California Voter Foundation

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