FROM:   Kim Alexander, CVF President
DATE:   November 17, 2000
RE:   Internet resources about voting technology

There has been a flurry of stories recently about voting technologies and Internet voting in relation to the counting and recounting issues in Florida. I'd like to point CVF-NEWS subscribers to a couple of outstanding online resources for information on these topics:

The first is Lorrie Faith Cranor's e-voting archive, online at She is one of the country's leading technical experts on Internet voting, and publishes a newsletter that is archived at the address above. If you are hunting for reliable information about voting technologies and studies, Lorrie Faith Cranor's newsletter archive is a great place to start.

Another site I recommend is Steve Clift's Florida Recount page, online at Steve is the founder of Minnesota E-Democracy, and is well-known for both his Democracies Online newsletter and for facilitating high-quality online dialogues. His Florida Recount page has both newsletter archives and links to news articles that are both interesting and helpful.

Finally, for a round-up of recent stories on electronic voting, take a look at Phil Noble's Politics Online site. At the page located at, you'll find a hyperlinked list of stories. The main site, also has links to other stories relating to the Florida recount.

Meanwhile, I'll be on the edge of my seat with the rest of you waiting to see how all this turns out...

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