FROM:   Saskia Mills, Managing Director
DATE:   December 1, 2000
RE:   Initiative Watch Update

Hi Folks,

Now that the 2000 elections are over (almost!), some people are starting to focus on the March 5, 2002 ballot, especially when it comes to ballot measures. Four are already in circulation or pending signature verification and three have been submitted to the Attorney General for title and summary. One legislative measure relating to insurance fraud and authored by State Senator Jackie Speier has already qualified for the ballot.

Additionally, Harvey Rosenfeld of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights has been in the news lately talking about a possible measure for the 2002 ballot relating to electricity prices and deregulation. While no official information about the measure is yet available, several recent news stories can be found on Jack Kavanagh's Rough and Tumble web site at, and information is also available from the foundation's web site at

Titles and proponent names for the various measures are listed below. More information about these measures, including their status, official summary, and contact information for the proponents, is available through the California Voter Foundation's Initiative Watch project, online at One recent development that we're really happy about is Attorney General Bill Lockyer's publication of the text of pending initiatives on his web site. These texts are available in PDF and we've linked to them on our Initiative Watch pages.

The four initiatives that are currently in circulation for signature gathering or are pending signature verification include:

1) "Local Property Tax. Revenue Allocation. Local Government Control." Circulation of this measure ended November 27, 2000 (proponent Bill Graber told CVF staff that not enough signatures were gathered to qualify the initiative this time, but they may try again in the future)

2) "Peace Officer and Firefighter Property Tax Exemption." Proponent - Mark McNeil

3) "Digital Signature. Election Petitions. Public and Private Transactions." Proponent- Mark Strassman

4) "Legalized Gambling." Proponent - Robert W. Wilson

The three initiatives that are pending before the Attorney General include:

1) The "Student Eye Exams Initiative." Proponent - Gerald N. Chernick

2) The "Bill of Overridance." Proponent - Heidi Nelson.

3) The "Electoral Freedom of Choice and No Wasted Votes Act." Proponent - Gary S. Shuster, Esq.

CVF will continue to track initiatives throughout 2001 thanks to a generous grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Have a great weekend!

-- Saskia Mills, Managing Director
California Voter Foundation, (916) 325-2120

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