FROM:   Kim Alexander, CVF President
DATE:   December 14, 2001
RE:   Please support the California Voter Foundation

Dear Friends,

With the 2002 election season rapidly approaching, we are writing to bring you up-to-date on the California Voter Foundation's election plans and to ask for your support. The end of the year is a strategic time for giving to non-profit groups and we hope you'll include CVF in your giving plans this year.

Next March and November, California voters will elect a Governor and seven other statewide officers, and will vote on numerous statewide and local ballot propositions. Legislative and congressional contests will be held across the state under newly-drawn political district lines. California's formerly "open primary" process, temporarily closed, is now "slightly ajar". Half of our state's voters will cast ballots on outdated voting equipment.

Simply put, the upcoming election season promises to be more challenging than ever.

The California Voter Foundation will continue its strong tradition of nonpartisan public service by once again publishing our popular "California Online Voter Guide", which will feature new political district maps, the Top Ten donors to statewide candidates and propositions, a directory of elections featuring contact information and web site links for every statewide, legislative and congressional candidate in California, our new "Archive of Campaign Promises", and, as they say, much, much more.

CVF will also help address the state's voting technology problems with a project to educate voters about voting equipment used in California. Another new CVF program, called "Adopt-A-Voter", will team up experienced voters with first-time voters to help orient new voters to the voting process. Our web site,, will continue to serve as an oasis of reliable information throughout next year's election, and already features an election preview guide highlighting candidates and measures on the March 2002 ballot.

Our Board of Directors and staff are firmly committed to continuing CVF's role advancing cutting-edge programs while providing thoughtful leadership on important digital democracy issues such as voting technology and voter privacy. We have succeeded over the years in gaining foundation support for our work and our prospects for future grants look bright.

But we really do need and want your support, too. While CVF counts primarily on foundation grants to support our programs, we would be unable to fully fund our operations without help from individuals as well. Donations from individuals help fund the CVF budget and also let us know that you value our work.

We're hoping you'll become a Friend of the California Voter Foundation by making a tax-deductible donation of $100. If you can give $250 or more, we'd be thrilled to welcome you as a CVF Sustainer. $35 is the suggested amount for general membership -- whatever amount you can give, we would be so proud to count you among CVF's members and add your name to the growing list of people who support our mission and projects.

Please visit to pledge your support for CVF by check or credit card. Or you can call us at 530-750-7650 and we will process your membership over the phone.

Together we can lead the way to a brighter future for democracy in California and beyond. We hope we can count on your support!

With best wishes to you and yours,

The California Voter Foundation

Kim Alexander, President
Saskia Mills, Executive Director
Prof. Geoffrey Wandesforde-Smith, Board Chairman
CVF Board Members Jim Hall, Bill Jackson, David Jefferson, Ray Kiddy, Leslie Goldenberg, Deirdre Mulligan and Stephen Levine

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