New "Proposition Song” Music Video Released!

October 30, 2018

Today a new “Proposition Song” music video was released by the California Voter Foundation (CVF), designed to give voters an informative, impartial and entertaining overview of all 11 measures on California’s ballot in just five minutes. 

The song and video can be accessed at or on YouTube at It was recorded live on October 25 at Two Rivers Cider in Sacramento. 

“Every election needs a song,” said Kim Alexander, CVF’s president and founder, who wrote, performed and produced the new Proposition Song, set to a traditional blues melody, with the help of numerous friends. This is the 7th Proposition Song produced by the nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, which is dedicated to improving the voting process to better serve voters.

“Californians are being asked to decide on many confusing and complicated ballot measures,” Alexander said. “The Proposition Song is designed to introduce each measure to voters and give them a basic sense of what a “yes” and “no” vote mean.” 

The Proposition Song was inspired by “Schoolhouse Rock,” a program that aired on TV in the 1970’s to educate children about government, math and grammar.  

Each proposition is described in rhyme, and the lyrics are captioned in the video to encourage viewers to sing along. CVF does not take positions on propositions, making the song a reliably impartial and unbiased voter information tool.

The Proposition Song is featured on CVF’s newly redesigned web site, launched earlier this month and featuring content and resources developed by the nonprofit over its 24-year history. 

The site includes the California Online Voter Guide, which links to the most reliable sites online where voters can research candidates, follow the money, review pros and cons and access endorsements and commentary.  “California voters are lucky to have a rich array of useful information provided by government agencies and nonprofits to help us make informed choices,” Alexander observed.  

The site also helps voters access online voter lookup tools, contact their county election officials and find answers to frequently-asked voting questions. 

 “We know there are efforts underway to confuse and mislead voters,” Alexander noted. “Now more than ever, voters need reliable election information. Our site helps voters access the best resources out there and provides a little entertainment along the way,” she said, adding, “Voting is not a test. What’s important is to be a voter. It’s okay to skip contests on your ballot if you are uncertain how to vote.”

The music video, lyrics and chords, a list of performers, and song credits are available on CVF’s web site. News organizations may rebroadcast the video or audio of the song in whole or in part, with attribution to the California Voter Foundation. 

Kim Alexander
President & Founder
California Voter Foundation
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October 31 addendum:

This release has been updated with a new url for the Proposition Song which has been updated to correct an error included in the original version published on October 29.